How bad is second hand smoking?

So for those non-smokers should you stand 5m away from any smoker? But how far is really far enough, and not just cigarettes but what about smoke from a hookah, as second hand smoke comes from all tobacco products would it include an e-cigarette too? How badly does this smoke affect ones lungs and what can be done to stop or at least prevent it.

The first articles explain exactly what second hand smoking is and how easily one can get affected by it and also what the causes of second hand smoke contains such as: asthma, cancer and heart disease just to name a few. This article paints a nice scenario, which I am sure that many can easily relate to and can also realise just how easily they are in the presence of second hand smoke. This article can be read here.

The second article includes tips on how to prevent second hand smoke or at least the best advice on how to attempt and protect yourself, as your health comes first! This article contains five tips on how to best protect yourself, which basically tells you to kinda stay away from all those who smoke. This article can be read here.

Lastly, the third article includes ideas and ways to stop smoking, so that hopefully you can encourage your friends, family, colleagues or peers to stop smoking or at least cut down, because it is not only dangerous to them but also to you as you are surrounding yourself in the environment where they smoke. This article can be read here. 

So even though you may be a non-smoker you are still in danger of getting the same sicknesses and diseases as smokers just from being in the same environment so be careful and continue to be healthy.