So we have all made that wish, for love, for money, for passing or grades or for just asking the universe to  make it all work out.

Trust me i have wished so hard, sometimes been happily blessed and other times not so much.

2d510d120458da7778097fd322f049b9but do we actually know the true meaning of wishing on 11:11.

This article explains the meaning of 11:11 and also introduces a term more intense and intimate than one’s soulmate but rather one’s twin flame.

This article made me rethink my wishes and to be more aware of what is actually happening around me at that time. Hopefully it can open your eyes too.

This article can be read here

But don’t let it get your hopes down, never stop wishing, hoping and living as your twin flame is waiting for you, you just have to open your eyes and look.