All women endure their monthly struggles of their menstruation cycles and get a visit from their red friend, and normally one could just make use of sanitary towels and tampons. However recent studies have emerged that there is something better on the market and that is known as the mooncup which contains the benefits of being safer, cheaper and greener.

The first article explains exactly what the mooncup is, it explains its benefits and clearly instructs one on its usage and the pros and cons of the mooncup vs tampons or sanitary towels. This article is well written as it basically answers all the questions that one has and is too shy to ask regarding the mooncup. This article can be read here.

The second article is a video which basically sums up the first article. The video is better for those who do not like to read and it gives one a clear representation and is extremely well executed. This video can be watched here.

And this is another video illustrating the same process but with a funny rap twist. The second clip is a rap battle between tampons and the mooncup and it really is excellently portrayed. This video can be watched here.

This last article is an excellent review on using the mooncup, the piece was well written, extremely funny but also got down to the nitty-gritty of using the mooncup, no perfect picture was painted but rather the truth was told about everything to do with using, reusing and washing the mooncup. This article can be read here.

So now that you know the benefits of a mooncup, hopefully you will be persuaded to think more greener, safer and cheaper in the long run through making use of it.