So we all love eating junk food and takeaways and of course we are all crazy Mc Donald’s lovers (sadly for us in Grahamstown we are not blessed with that option), however are you truly aware of the dangers of eating so unhealthy, these range of articles will give you the scary facts of what all that junk food is doing to our bodies.

The first article is well written and gives one all the dangers of eating junk food and it lists how it will effect one’s body in the long run. It lists the scary side effects and the diseases that one can obtain from eating unhealthy. This article can be read here.

The second article paints the picture of a scenario which we can all relate to and I am sure that we have all had days like Matt. This article also explains why we are so draw to junk food and why we are more likely to eat that as opposed to eating leaner, healthier and greener. This article is well written and gives a variety of information regarding the health implications which arise from junk food. This article can be read here.

The third article or more video is a clip of the documentary “Supersize Me”, this was a documentary done in 2004 which demonstrates a man, Morgan Spurlock who follows a 30 day period trial during which he ate only Mc Donald’s food. This film demonstrates the tremendous impact that junk food has on one’s body. A film trailer can be seen here.

So think again when you have junk food and try to rather have it as a treat but not like Morgan Spurlock who had it three times a day, and maybe we are lucky in Grahamstown where we do not have a McDonalds.