One thing that i have learnt over this year, 2015 that is, is that the feeling home is not really limited to a place with four walls.

The feeling of home is exactly that, it is a feeling.

How you feel when you are in a particular place, with certain people, the certain memories which are around that place.

Like me for example, my entire life i was born and bred in Cape Town then just this year i decided to spread my wings from my parents and go to study at Rhodes University in Grahamstown the Eastern Cape.

What was this homesick feeling i was experiencing when i was away from home? because when i got ‘home’ i still had that same sense of feeling, the unpleasentness and longing for a particular place.

Little did i know that feeling was not necessarily for Cape Town or for Grahamstown but more for the memories and people which are associated with that place.

So as i embrace this new year i come to realise that home is anywhere really, where your comfort is, where your people are, where you truly feel at peace.