So seeing that everyone is making lists on the best things and things to leave behind in 2015 i have decided to do a mash up of things i have learnt, things i plan to change and things i oh so leave behind.

So as i pop open a bottle of champagne and drink away my *sorrows cough* and the past year.  i sit in my pj’s typing away what i think is worthy to make my list of my 2015.

The best things in 2015

  • Our music this year. Like seriously the release of many amazing albums, from Justin Bieber’s “purpose”, Adele’s hit single “hello”, and Taylor Swift making us all jealous of her squad in “bad blood” and that is one year of amazing music.
  •  The levels of change this year, from acceptance to transgender people (the world welcomes Caitlyn Jenner) and #rhodesmustfall along with #feesmustfall and as attending Rhodes University i was immensely glad to be part of the change and to stand by my fellow students and lectures to demand change.
  • Finding a new me. If i can put it in that sense, though i am still constantly learning new things and changing my attitude i have learnt so much about myself in my year of being away from home and I can truly say it was one of my best experiences yet. Rhodes University, you continue to amaze me.

The not so great things of 2015

  • Load shedding, need i say more.
  • The earths rapid rising temperature. Yes i am a fan of summer and love nothing more than eating ice-cream, swimming all day and tanning. The rise in temperature has been tremendous to the point where is it dangerous and i truly hope that next year be a better year environmentally.
  • All these terms that need to stay behind which i detest!, from fuck boys, side chicks, main chicks and bae please stay behind as i do not want you back in my new year.

Things I plan to change

  • I want to be a better person, both in, out and towards other people.
  • My religion, as i am on a journey of self-discovery. The Roman Catholic faith has been my life for 20 years but i find myself changing and turning to a new religion which will hopefully be fully discovered, appreciated and lived fully in the new year.
  • The idea of feminism, i work on limiting the idea of patriarchy, misogyny and i strive for women empowerment.

So as i a make my gormless list, i hope that you too make yours and go ahead on starting your new 365 days journey and truly make this year count ❤