So as I busy myself over my summer vacation, i find myself fairly bored sitting at home for three months and i find myself looking for a summer job and once again i find myself in retail!

So this time i am working at Callaghan an exceptionally upmarket boutique where only the best of the best stock is show cased.

Callaghan, who prides themselves in exclusivity and limited items, hold a variety of designers from Elie Tahari, Michael Kors, Versace, Prada, Diane von Furstenburg. 

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What i would kill for a beautiful Michael Kors bag as showcased in the shop but aaaah i can only dream. But the quality is exceptional, price not so much.

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So at least the little joys of working in my store i could work and wouldn’t have to worry about spending all my money with staff discounts and so on because regardless all these beautiful garments would still be waaay to expensive.

So question…

why are international brands so expensive, why all the 0’s on the end and the endless $$$$$ signs.

Even though the prices are enough to make a deposit on a brand new car, the saying is true that it really is ‘quality over quantity’ the style is endless so even if you bought the garment 10 years down the line and it will still be a hit.

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I have realised how valuable regular customers are as they truly see the value in quality items, not that we are shutting out new customers of course not!!

So honestly save up that extra rands and dollars as it truly is worth it walking into that store, purchasing an original and getting true value for money.

Life goal during my twenties i need to own at least one Michael Kors designer handbag!