Whenever a baby is born, the first thing being asked is never is the baby healthy? is the mother okay? Of course those questions follow after but the first question asked is always: was it a boy or a girl?

Why do we put so much pressure on gender roles? from that moment of birth that baby is just prejudiced into a particular type of world with a set standard of thinking.

Only little boys can wear blue, green and red. They must play with toy cars, trucks and tools. Sport to be played by little boys consist of soccer or rugby. Only little girls can wear pink and yellow. The must play with baby dolls, tea sets, cooking and cleaning sets. Sport to be played by little girls must not be too rough, because girls are delicate things. They must do ballet, or music.


How do we encourage younger children that it is okay to play with what they want to play with and they can wear what they want to wear. And they can be who they want to be irregardless of their gender. I believe that we should all leave behind our heteronormative ideologies on gender binaries and simply allow people to identify as the person they choose.


As an aspiring feminist I strive for the dismal of the MALE GAZE; As explained by Laura Mulvey and her essay “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” which was published in 1975. In it, Mulvey states that in film women are typically the objects, rather than the possessors, of gaze because the control of the camera (and thus the gaze) comes from factors such as the as the assumption of heterosexual men as the default target audience for most film genres. I imagine a world where we move past this ‘male gaze’ and the disruptive rape culture which affects many. When we try to look at gender (sadly-realistically in the read world) we have to be very careful as people have different views, opinions and upbringings and therefore everyone have various opinions on gender.  However my biggest fear is to have children, especially to have a son and bring him up in this world that screams ‘rape culture.’ Where men think it’s okay to cat call at womxn, hoot and call them various names alongside getting away with rape, sexual violence and abuse. My fear is to bring up a son in a world which forces him to be a man, when his true identity lies in another gender- and I have to hate him for it and blame myself thinking I did something wrong.

Think about how much pressure you yourself put on gender roles on yourself and others:

-How and where do you think we learn these perceptions on male and female roles?

-Do these roles limit or enhance your life choices?



Maybe rethink your actions you place on gender.