My identity, my culture, what does that mean? What does that tell me about myself? Who am I? Where did I come from?  What am I done here? And most importantly where am I going?

Since coming to University and being in a so-called ‘woke’ environment- this has largely made me think about who I am, and also who I am in relation to the Other. I have always strived for assimilation into what is deemed a normal and dominant society. I have constantly been encouraged to fit in, to follow the ways of the West because that is what is ‘right’, what is ‘good’ and what is deemed the ‘best’. However, through uncovering my true likes and dislikes, my feelings of desire, raw passion and the coloniality of my being- I have come to realise that I have no idea who I am at all.

The passages of text that I will be writing over the next ten days will be a reflection of my past, my family life, present like, home, and the journey into my future. And I hope that through this process of writing and reflecting this can be a push to help me discover the person I truly am. I hope that this will help me understand my identity and see myself as the person I truly am.