So recently my life has come to some shambles and i have lost my way in many things, my friendships, with my family and also with my religion.

After being down in the dumps for a while I have realised that only i can change my life around. I can choose to sulk and feel sorry for myself OR i can choose to change and just focus on the positive and what makes me happy as life is really too short to be sad.

So this just goes out as a reminder to all my fellow readers and bloggers.

Do what makes YOU happy, shine at every moment, be ambitious, have goals, have dreams and believe in happily ever afters.

Focus on the positive and flush all negativity out of your life but remember it is okay to have your sad moment as we are all only human and sometimes need a day (or a few) to remind ourselves just of the fact.

But by all means, never let anyone get you down and if you are having a bad day just remember that even your worst days only have 24 hours ❤